Model United Nations are more than just an event to look forward to. They are serious competitions filled with heated debates, diplomacy, politics, emotions and most of all, a sense of justice.


The first ever chapter of DSUMUN, held from 10th to 12th April 2015, was an experience for every team member and volunteer. It created the base of what we are today having faced every difficulty that could possibly have come our way by initiating the first ever MUN of DSU. To kick off the event we invited the Commissioner of Karachi Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui to speak about the importance of diplomacy and the role it plays in running entire countries and policies.
The team went above and beyond to host 7 Committees with more 320 delegates of which many had returned for the unforgettable experience in our second edition of DSUMUN. And to make sure their efforts did not go overlooked, UN Human Rights Activist Mr. Ansar Burney was invited over as our chief guest for our closing ceremony who made a point to appreciate how visual the efforts of our team were.
Our social events never fail to amaze and to kick off the first social event of DSUMUN, a Cultural Dinner and Qawali Night was hosted true to the essence of the land we owe everything to. The night was filled with musical lyrics that touch the soul and a sound that will resonate in the ears of those attending every time they hear the words “DSUMUN”.


After the successful attempt of DSUMUN I, on 13th to 15th November 2015, a DHA Suffa exclusive inter-university MUN was hosted which involved over 200 students from every discipline who had a choice from 5 committees. No event is complete without the presence of a great personality and being the first Muslim economist to have an investment on Wall street and finance advisor of ex-president Pervez Musharraf, Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali Khan was a choice that was not needed to be second guessed.
The event this time around involved a performance by Pepsi Youth Gig. Musician’s handpicked by Pepsi themselves who have made countless contributions to Nescafe Basement setup in DHA Suffa University and gave a performance that is to this day talked about amongst students.
Participants had photo shoots and one-on-one talks with the musician’s and seeing such an uplifting crowd, the band invited some of the participants to sing their heart out and shortly live the dream of a rock star.


Have a glimpse into the history and evolution of DSU Model United Nations.The second chapter of DSUMUN involved an experience that transported the souls of 300+ delegates to cloud 9. The first day kicked off with an opening ceremony followed by 1 session held the same day.
After heating debating sessions and addressing global issues, the second day of DSUMUN II came to a close with a Qawali night which played a tribute to the late Amjad Sabri performed by the Sabri Brothers.The night was filled with emotions, chanting and a lot of love to the Sabri brothers for their first performance after the demise of their brother.
To bid a proper farewell to one of the most successful chapters of DSU Model United Nations, our hardworking participants were shown the fruit of their effort by a series of awards including a round trip for 2 to the great city of Mecca for Umrah as well as commandment from our chief guest, Mr. Saad Abdullah Saad Al Mohamoud, Consul General of the State of Qatar to our team and volunteers for hosting a state of the art conference.